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AuthorArticle titleYear, issueDownloadings count
1Mikhail N. Dudin[Россия], Nikolai V. Lyasnikov[Россия] Systematic Approach to Forms of Interaction Between Large and Small Businesses 2012, December1394
2Mikhail N. Dudin[Россия], Nikolai V. Lyasnikov[Россия]Socially Oriented Foresight as a Tool for Shaping of Consumer Behavior2012, September1321
3full nomer2014, September1298
4Şerife Özlen[Ирак]The Effects of Domestic Macroeconomic Determinants on Stock Returns: A Sector Level Analysis2014, June1212
5Mersid Poturak[Босния и Герцеговина], Teoman Duman[Босния и Герцеговина]The Role of Marketing Standardization/Adaptation Strategies on Managers’ Satisfaction with Export Performance: Proposal of a Conceptual Framework2014, December1182
6Roland A.M. Toh[Россия], Irina I. Potapova[Россия]Check–in Check–out: Improving the Management of Hotel Front Office Operations2013, June1181
7Mousa Ahmadi[Иран], Mohammad Jalili[Иран], Hossein keshani[Иран], Ali Valipour[Иран] The Impact of E-Banking Services on Financial Resources Mobilization (A Case Study of Tehran branches in Agricultural Bank of I.R. Iran)2014, December1177
8Jelena Pandža[Сербия], Lukrecija Đeri[Сербия], Adam Galamboš[Сербия], Tamaš Galamboš[Сербия]Two-factor Analysis of Employee Motivation at "Postal Traffic – Department in Novi Sad"2015, June1155
9Mikhail N. Dudin[Россия], Nikolai V. Lyasnikov[Россия]Intellectual Capital as a Factor of Sustainable Development of Social and Economic Systems2013, September1150
10Hafiz Shahid Latif[Пакистан], Umer Shehzad[Пакистан], Zeeshan Fareed[Пакистан], Bushra Zulfiqar[Пакистан], Farrukh Shahzad[Пакистан]Does the Dividend Policy matter for influencing Stock Prices in Pakistan: Pooled OLS Regression Approach2014, December1147

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